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Life is best
lived In the sun


Life is best
lived In the sun


Our story starts with a passionate mission. We traveled all around the planet, searching for the world’s sunniest vineyards.

Why on earth would we do that? Because more light means more flavours. And because – more importantly, we believe…

Life is best lived in the sun.

From these selected vineyards, Sunrise wines are born

Wines that are full of life, ripe with vibrant flavours. We harvest the unique energy of these beautiful places to light up your glass.

And best of all, we do it while staying 100% carbon neutral, working together to constantly reduce our ecological footprint.

All around the planet a movement is growing.
We’re waking up to a new world where people are cultivating a brighter future.

At Sunrise, we’re excited about helping likeminded people in their commitment to sustainability and making this planet a brighter place to live.

And we’re still dedicated
to our original mission:

To follow the sun, making wines that express its bright energy that shines in your glass.